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With clients in categories like Financial Services, Healthcare, Retail, Consumer Products and Technology, across both enterprise and consumer, we look at the totality of a client’s enterprise and develop solutions that can have impact on how our clients do business.

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Keep users loyal to your products, increase in sales, and reduce support calls
Heuristic Evaluation
User Research and Journey Mapping
Information Architecture and Workflow
Wireframing and Prototyping
Visual Design and Design System
User Testing
User Research
Domain Study
Competition Analysis
Grab your audience’s attention and get noticed in the competitive world. Build customer trust.
Market Research
Positioning Strategy
Logo and Brand Langauge
Website Design & Developement
User Research
Domain Study
Learn problem solving, creative thiking, and customer-centered design
For Designers
For Porduct People
For Engineers
Design Thinking
Basics of UX Design
Iterative UI Design

A good UX Design could yield conversion rates upto 400%


  • NextUX has been working as our design partner for more than 4 years now. They have helped us to remove the complexity and simplify the user interface by applying end user personas. NextUX transformed our business requirements into simplified user interface using well defined philosophy (Hide complexity,Deliver simplicity) and next generation web principles. What we really like about NextUX Team is they Understand the Domain Thoroughly, their proposals align with Business requirements, and conceive user pain points very well.
  • User experience is at the core of our product development strategy. From the day one, NextUX has been instrumental from discovery to visualization. They understands requirements in detail, asks the right questions, visualises end-user mindset and cultivates the best experience. They have the ability to bring Unique perspective on human psychology, fundamentals of design principles and bring clarity to the complex problem.
  • NextUX is having unique blend of great customer insights and technology. They have the expertise in deriving facts and usage patterns on table, create good user experience and implement right design that millennial customer wants. I wish NextUX very best for future and would recommend their work to anyone.
  • UX is not development, it's not UI and it's very hard to get this conveyed in every development environment. Once you get it done, the next problem is to get the UX team with you, which again is not at all easy, you won't get the UX expertise in the domain you want easily, NextUX, was just the exact thing we were looking for and we got them at the right time (well a little late), once they were on board we were sure of having the UX covered which is the no 1 thing we want to make sure in our product. The requirement is always questioned which is the base quality of a UX team, they try to solve it without compromising or tweaking the functionality and that is what is going to make your product have leverage. Their passion about the work they do and the expertise that they have achieved.
  • The first version of our product UI was designed by NextUX in a matter of weeks. We found the team to be very engaging in listening to requirements, being open-minded with the feedback, and making agile updates to the designs. We found NextUX to be very professional with the whole process, showing up on time for every checkpoint, sharing the work-in-progress, and delivering what was expected in scope and on time. We would definitely recommend them for those looking for a great partnership with an open-minded UX design team.
  • nextUX is a great fit for anyone who needs Design help. The team is extremely engaged and knowledgeable about the product development lifecycle. They are great at taking feedback into account and adjusting the designs. And the team does all of this in a timely manner. We can’t recommend nextUX enough
  • nextUX is a very energetic group of people. They have in-depth knowledge and experience of simplifying UX for products. Matrubharti started using their services since October 2018, they impressed our management with their personalized approach towards our product. nextUX has helped us present our product on large scale. We have already started recommending their services to our associates and stake holders.

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